Pascal Lopinat - Palko!Muski


"Rock'n'polka" should be enough to describe what PALKO!MUSKI is about. Or it’s about dancing. Like crazy. Yes, but it’s really about bringing the house down at your party, like a life changing experience! Over the course of countless gigs both at home and abroad, PALKO!MUSKI proved his power. The performance of these five musicians resembles an ecstatic-euphoric spectacle, which immediately spreads and makes the audience part of the show before they even know it. Delirium is given free rein.

PALKO!MUSKI -> exuberant live act forever!


2012 Street Desire
2013 Panik
2014 Like a Boomerang (El Hijo De La Cumbia RMX) (remixes)
2016 Land of Ego
2017 10 YEAHS .?.?.?AND STILL THIRSTY! (funny remixes)


Website: Palko!Muski
All digital albums: Bandcamp