Pascal Lopinat - AbSTRAL compost

abstral compost + Pascal Lopinat

The collaboration between Pascal Lopinat and AbSTRAL compost began in 2018 whilst exploring the possible interactions of speech, rhythm and music. Both fascinated by strange abstract and noisy rap, deliberately hazardous poetry and surprising experimental sounds, their music is representative of the wide range of their respective influences

In 2020, « Bruits et babillardes » is released. Fifteen raw and spontaneous lo-fi poems recorded with music, in which voice becomes matter, sound continuously shaping it through various and distinctive atmospheres. Published as a hand assembled booklet (with a download code for the music) by Editions Pas vraiment and online or on cassette with the label Zer Cheun, in partnership with L’Axe du Mal.
Order the booklet here :

Same year, AbSTRAL compost and Pascal Lopinat released "HAZARD CRUMBS", a rap album that sounds more electronic (but orchestral), more radical (but sensitive), more british (but swiss), more... well... listen, it's just good rap!
The vinyl, with its handmade cover, came out on BURNING SOUND and L'AXE DU MAL. 

As an echo to the previous album, AWKWARD THUMBS came out on september 2022. A 4 tracks double EP featuring the great ODDATEEE on DESPITE!

Albums :

AWKWARD THUMBS (recorded by Pascal Lopinat at Glaucal / BURNING SOUND / SWC Records )

BRUITS ET BABILLARDES / abstral compost + pascal lopinat (recorded by Pascal Lopinat at Glaucal / ZER CHEUN / EDITIONS PAS VRAIMENT )
HAZARD CRUMBS (recorded by Pascal Lopinat at Glaucal / BURNING SOUND / L'AXE DU MAL )