Pascal Lopinat - Gängstgäng


Gängstgäng is the result of occult punchlines by STAÏLE and abstract beats/noises by LAÜP. Simple recipe: french krautrap, raught mix (well, you know... mono) and full energy. The first album "Grappa Guerilla" is born at Atelier Général/Sion in 2016, recorded by JÜCKR on tape and included super-friendly guests like KADERA MANI and LEW RID. Second album called "RAP À CHIEN" has been recorded at GLAUCAL in 2018. You can also find funny things in the layout from STAÏLE, ATELIER OBSCURE and OUT OF GAS. You can hear dope guys like CANICHNIKOV or ANKLATURE from our great collective AXE DU MAL. Third album called "PRIMITIVE RAP AND SHAMANIC DIRTY SABOTAGE FROM SWISS JURA" went out on 30th of january 2021 on JELODANTI, BURNING SOUND and always on AXE DU MAL. 

The Greatest Hits - Funeral Album (compilation with 2 exclusive tracks Jelodanti Records / Burning Sound Records / Label Rapace)

Primitive Rap and Shamanic Dirty Sabotage from Swiss Jura (Recorded by Pascal Lopinat at Glaucal and El Hangar, Boenos Aires / Jelodanti Records / Burning Sound Records / Axe du Mal)

Rap À Chien (Recorded by Laüp at Glaucal / Axe du Mal)

Grappa Guerilla (recorded by Jückr / Ferme Asile, Sion)