Pascal Lopinat - Martin XVII

Martin XVII

Martin XVII started in 2015 when Louis Riondel and Pascal Lopinat joined forces. Fans of loopers, sampling and machines, the duo creates a music oscillating between lo-fi rap, synthpop and kraut rock. For recordings, everything is live played, via a stereo output mixer. In end of 2017, the 6 tracks EP (Même si je t'aime) and the music video went released on the label Axe du Mal. Before that, Martin XVII played a few live with loopers, guitar effects and instruments. 

In 2021, Martin XVII released his first vinyl "MIDI LUMIÈRE" on Sbire Rec and l'Axe du Mal. This album became the bible of the new music style called MIELCORE (really!).

Actually, the duet plays live with a synchronized light show, fog machine and lasers! Waaah!

It's probably the smallest and cheapest "hi tech" production you'll see on stage!

Albums :

Midi Lumière (recorded by Pascal Lopinat at Rue des Martins 17 / Sbire / Axe du Mal)

Même Si Je T'Aime EP (recorded by Pascal Lopinat at Glaucal / Axe Du Mal)