Pascal Lopinat - Méga Lâcher De Ballons


Méga Lâcher De Ballons

How to describe Méga Lâcher De Ballons? This project mixes impulsive freaky punk and improvisation with toys and homemade instruments. At the begining of the band, the main idea was to bring jurassic music-aliens together. So I asked DONATIEN THIÉVENT, GUILLAUME "Fuzz" LACHAT and ADRIEN GUERNE to experiment a super absurde punk band.

After concerts like a northpole mini tour, many liveacts with the incredible FREAK SHOW team, the super opening for EMIR KUSTURICA & THE NO SMOKING ORCHESTRA, the aperitif gig for the Switzerland ambassade in Paris or the Christmas' PSYCHEDELIC DÉGLINGUE at SAS Delémont, we still look for chances to have fun on stage!